Oh Crap…my website sucks!

computer_03So your company just got some great free press and customers are headed to the web to find out more about you.  Trouble is your website doesn’t have any mention of this press event, let alone current information.  And that’s when it hits you…our website sucks.

The thing with any kind of press is that there is a very short lifespan of interest. People will find your story interesting, go look it up online and then move on.  The worse case scenario here is that they do a search and find nothing.  In some cases that’s probably preferable.  They might actually run across your hopelessly out of date site, not find any mention of what they heard about, and think that your company doesn’t have it’s shit together.  That would be called a “bad user experience.”

Making updates on your website should be a regular matter of course. At Zipline we’ve had a lot of clients find projects or news items on our site which made the difference in their decision making process.

Take a few minutes and look through your company’s site and see if the content is accurate and up to date information.  The content of your site should be constantly evolving.  With just a couple minutes a day you could add something about a new project you’re working on.  Heck, you could even post a little something about that service that you got the free press about.  Who knows, you might pick up a few new customers.

If your site does not have content management or if you need a degree in computer science to understand how your system works it’s time to start interviewing web development companies. Now is the time to get with the program and start giving your customers the info they need.

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