Plight of the printed word in Spokane

Previously I have discussed the downing of the Seattle P-I and the state of the newspaper industry.  Times they are a changing and there really isn’t anything we can do about that. There is going to be a point were there aren’t any newspapers…at least the way we used to experience them.  The days of sitting down with a cup of coffee and the big paper are coming to an end. (I was sitting here running through my Google Reader with a cup of coffee this morning.)

I read that the Spokesman Review is losing three more reporters, including Dan Webster. With all the departures and cuts in the editorial staff there I’m starting to understand why the paper is looking more like USA Today. There are plenty of sources of national news, not so many options to keep up on the goings on of our city.  Sure there is another weekly entertainment guide that has some editorial content, but that is so slanted and agenda driven that I hardly call it “journalism”. It;s really more editorial content…which is fine.  Just don’t present it as an unbiased reporting of the facts, but I digress.

While reading Twitter posts I ran across a blog called The Spokane Daily American.  Stephen Bouvet is a very talented writer and I enjoyed reading his older posts.  He’s a Spokane ex-pat with a great perspective on our little town.  I found one of his posts quite interesting, given his history with the Spokesman.

Take a few minutes to read his article.  I think you’ll find it as enlightening as I did.  Bookmark this blog because it may be one of the few places to get local information in the future.

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