Surfing and Snorkeling in Lahaina

Laid on a surf board and paddled out into the waves today.  Not sure if that technically counts for “surfing” but at least I didn’t fall off.  After paddling for what I thought was a long way, I reached down with my foot and tore a hunk of skin off on some coral. It may have just been a rock since I was only in about 3 feet of water at the time. In hind sight I should have come right back in instead of trailing my bloody foot through the shark infested waters of the South Pacific.

Also went snorkeling.  Panic did not set in until I realized I was about 75 yrds from shore. After finding my direct path blocked a couple times by more deadly coral, I successfully evaded the 2 small man-eating fish I saw and made it to land.  There I quickly traded my snorkeling gear for a romance novel and the safety of the beach.

Tomorrow’s adventure will be driving the “Road to Hanna”.  This all day, 42 mile,  trip includes 54 narrow bridges and some 600 hairpin turns. We’re looking forward to seeing some beautiful country on the way. Stand by for news…

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I had planned on making this a normal Facebook post, but I guess they have limits to the length of your post.  So I decided to use my neglected blog. This works out good, because that allows me to successfully start on of my new resolutions…using my neglected blog.

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