14 Nov The Monsters of Web Design

[caption id="attachment_362" align="aligncenter" width="530" caption="The Monsters of Web Design"][/caption] As web designers we all encounter those creatures that make projects harder than they need to be.  Halloween had got me to thinking about this so I had to capture a few of those monsters here.  What...

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05 Oct Thank You Steve Jobs.

[caption id="attachment_330" align="aligncenter" width="530" caption="What would our lives have been without you?"][/caption]   I have been using Apple Computers for over 25 years.  I remember the computer lab back at old Mead High School with all the 512K Macs and the Mona Lisa the teacher had.  I...

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02 Mar Oh Crap…my website sucks!

So your company just got some great free press and customers are headed to the web to find out more about you. Trouble is your website doesn’t have any mention of this press event, let alone current information. And that’s when it hits...

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