Formatting a DVD interface for HD

On a recent DVD project we ran into a weird problem. The artwork we were creating was a 16:9 ratio (720px X 405px). Everything seemed to be in order until we brought the art into DVD Studio Pro. We were creating the DVD as HD for wide format and letterbox for standard TVs.

Once the art was in DVD Studio Pro it seemed like we lost resolution. The main logo text was jagged looking and the small text was unreadable. We tried all different file types (.AI, png, jpg). Nothing seemed to work. We talked to a number of technicials as well, even a tech from Adobe!

This should have been a pretty standard project. I didn’t think that we were doing anything ground breaking here. But as it turned out the solution to our problem seems to be a secret…until now.

Here’s what we did:

1. Make the graphics 720px X 405px
2. Export from Illustrator as a PSD file.
3. Open in Fireworks and resize to 480px high. Leaving the width at 720px.
4. Export as a JPG or PNG for use in DVD Studio Pro.

Hopefully someone in the same situation finds this helpful. Seems like this should be a part of manual or something. If anyone else has run across this situation I’d love to hear about your experience.

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