Seattle P-I going the way of the dodo

As I was reading the news online this weekend I ran across a story about the Hearst Corporation putting the Seattle Post-Intelligencer up for sale.  Seems as though the P-I, like many papers across the country, are suffering from falling circulation and declining ad revenue. Shocker that I found this out online, huh?

Now don’t get me wrong, I like the newspaper.  There’s nothing better than sitting down Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and the paper.  But just like manual typewriters and film cameras, newspapers have seen better days.  People get their information in different ways now.  And with all the functionality of getting information online, the printed paper just doesn’t give us what we need.

The sad thing about all this is that I feel like we’re going to loose a very important component of our communities.  Sure the TV channels cover local happenings, but they can only scratch the surface.  The newspaper is the only outlet for digging into local stories.  If we loose that, who or how will that information come to light.  I don’t always agree with the tact of the paper, but there would be a real void without it.

Undoubtedly the look of the news industry will be much different in the next couple years.  I just hope they find a way to stay alive.  See what the Spokesman-Review is doing to keep up.  It’s a late effort but pretty good over all.

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