This year’s Superbowl Ads Sucked

So today was the big day…for advertising that is.  The showcase of the very best television advertising has to offer.  Not to mention ad space that was selling for $3 Million per 30 second spot.  So with all that, people’s expectations are pretty high when it comes to these ads.

I thought with my new found connections via social networks I’d try and get some immediate reactions to the crop of ads.  What I found was that people were kinda let down by the ads.  I too was let down as I watched that ads.  But then I saw an ad that said they were all posted at (one of my favorite sites), so I figured I’d go back and watch them later.

Fast forward a few hours, kids are in bed and I’m sitting down to take another look at the ads.  As I looked through them all there were some I saw live and some that I missed.  What I noticed was that the ones I didn’t really care for on TV were not too bad when I watched them later.  It’s interesting that without all the chaos of kids running around and the stop and go of game, that I had a much different perspective on what I saw.

Below is a list of my best and worst list.  This is by no means the definitive list but I did have my reasons for choosing these few.

My top 6 Super Bowl ads:

– Hulu: Alec in Huluwood

– Coke: Heist
– Audi: Chase
– Pepsi Max: I’m Good
– Bud Light: Swedish
– Pepsi: Refresh Anthem

The 6 worst ads of the day:

– SoBe: Lizard Lake 3D
– Gatorade
– Taco Bell: Overrated
– GoDaddy
– Budweiser (all the ads with clydesdales)
– Monster: Need a new job

The second things I learned from this little experiment was that I’d really like to expand my soscial network for fast reaction to events.  I think Twitter is probably the best vehicle for doing this so I’ll keep working on that.  If you’re on Twitter and would like to follow me, I’d be happy to return the favor.  My Twitter name is @sdavis1027

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