The Start of Grilling Season

I will admit that I have run out of gas while grilling before…just not this past weekend.  Ryan was just telling me that he has a spare tan, which is probably a good way to keep from looking stupid.  My brother-in-law had a 15 gallon tank, which is pretty damn manly.  Down side to that is you can’t get by with a mediocre grill.

1 thought on “The Start of Grilling Season”

  1. I also have a spare tank. Good idea. -)

    A quick and cheap way to check your tank level is to slowly pour hot water down one side of the tank. The metal of the tank conducts heat well, but the propane doesn’t, so when you feel that side of the tank there will be an obvious shift between the warm metal and the cold metal. That point indicates (approximately) how full your tank is.

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