The Beatles come to iTunes

It’s funny how the value of historical events fade as time goes by.  The “big announcement” from Apple was that The Beatles are now available on iTunes. For those of us who grew up with their music, this is kinda cool.  Now I would imagine if I was in my 50’s and the Beatles had sung the anthems of my glory days I would be really excited.

As I am the senior staff member around the office, my perspective on the significance of this event is a little different that those who weren’t around for the 70’s…or even most of the 80’s. If you’re truly going to have the end-all-be-all music store, it’s just not complete without the single most influential band of all time.  So finally, the long missing piece has been added and iTunes can move forward.

If you listen to an mp3 backwards can you hear a message saying that Paul is dead? (if you’re over 40 you’ll get this)

Note: I’d like to introduce a couple of our staff members who appear in this strip.  Dustin Dikes (the dog with the shaggy hair) and Vou Xiong (appearing as Pikachu).

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